Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today...a day to go down in history!!

Well...maybe not everyone else's history, but certainly mine!!  My darling husband turns 53 years old today.  More later...I'm late for Sunday School!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Whoo Hoo...vacation coming up!!

David has to go back to Ensenada for Navico and I'm going this time!!  Two weeks in Mexico, then we are flying to Seattle, WA for ten days.  Anyone who has some suggestions for what to do in WA to hear from you.  Susan convinced me that we need to go to the Space Needle, so we have reservations to have dinner at the top.  She also told me about Ivar's on the wharf, so we made a reservation for dinner there, also.  We are doing a whale watching tour and going to spend two nights at a B&B close to Mt. Ranier and ferrying over to the San Juan Islands for a day or two.  Since David will be working all day in Mexico, except on the weekends...I'm pretty much on my own and open to suggestions for Ensenada, too!!
On the dieting front...have been trying to eat healthier.  That is all I have to say about that today. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Ticker is Ticking Me Off!!

My darling husband finally figured out how to put that weight tracker/ticker thingy up there and I'm getting just a little depressed seeing that I have 67 pounds to lose!!  Pick up a 40 pound bag of dog food and carry it around for a day...I have that much and 20 more pounds to lose.  I'll probably lose my mind first!!

OK...I'll just start all over!!

I had another blog, but decided to just start over with this new one.  I am SO trying to lose weight, AGAIN!!  Well...I still had three frozen corndogs and decided to have those for lunch, so will "officially" start Weight Watchers tomorrow.  I almost fed the corndogs to my boys (Valentino, our Cairn Terror...oops Terrier and Sundance, our Golden Retriever), but I ate them, instead.  I need to get back to eating yogurt for breakfast, a WW meal for lunch and healthy dinner.  Just can't seem to get my diet mojo working again.  Pray for me.