Monday, October 25, 2010

The dreaded pine cone scat! Oooooooh, scary!!

When we were getting our suitcases out of our rental car at our delightful little cabin in the woods outside of the Mt. Rainier State Park, Brother Sacker called me over to the side of the car and pointed down at the ground.  I should preface this post with the fact that I am SO afraid of bears that Brother Sacker calls me bear-anoid and even got me a huge can of bear spray when we went backpacking on our honeymoon...a whole other post for that!!  Anyway...knowing how terrified I am of EVER meeting up or seeing a bear, Brother Sacker delights in scaring me whenever he can.  So, I go over to the side of the car and he points down at the ground and said he thought there was some bear scat (aka poop!) and to be ever watchful for black bears.  I knelt down and picked up the "scat" and it was actually a small pinecone!!  So, now I tease Brother Sacker about the dreaded pine cone scat whenever he tried to freak me out about anything!!  and BTW...Brother Sacker actually really thought it was bear scat!!  LOL

Friday, October 22, 2010

My (almost) new Vera Wang booties!!

My friend, Sister Ann Taylor from Beggs, and I spend one day a week together...sometimes we go to Okmulgee and have lunch and shop or we might come to Tulsa or maybe just go explore another small town here in Oklahoma.  Today we went to Okmulgee and had lunch and then went shopping.  We ended our shopping at the Salvation Army store...she loves that place and I loathe it!  I have never (up until today, that is) found anything worth buying there.  So, today, Sister Taylor was looking at clothes and I was just wandering around the store like I usually do.  She called me over to where she was and as I was walking over...I happened to glance up at a display and lo and behold, I see a cute pair of black booties with a $5.00 tag on them.  I also noticed that they were a size size!!  So, I picked them up and looked inside to see what brand they are.  I almost fainted with joy when I saw the inside:  Simply Vera by Vera Wang!!  Whoo Hoo!!  They have never even been worn!  I was overjoyed!  When I took them to the counter to pay for them, the man says, "That will be $1.10".  I handed him the money and practically floated on air to my car!!  $1.10 for a new pair of Vera Wang black booties?  Are you kidding me?!!  I can't wait to wear them.  I showed them to Brother Sacker when I got home and he said that anytime I find shoes or boots for $1.10, he just doesn't have a problem with me buying them...yeah, like this will ever happen to me, again!!   Leslie Gibson your shoe shopping heart out!!  LOL

Monday, October 18, 2010

We are back in Tulsa and yes, I'm way behind posting pictures!

Brother and Sister Stewart (and kids!!) picked us up at the airport and we all went to Chili's for dinner and catch-up time...thanks, again to Jesse and Billy!!  Our house was SO clean and the boys were SO clean...thanks, again to Dana and Brooke!!  This morning I am unpacking suitcases, washing and drying clothes, trying to organize souvenirs and books and menus (yipee!!) and is overwhelming me, so I'm doing it slowly.  Then, Valentino has an appointment with his Vet this afternnoon.  Can't wait to see how much weight he has lost...he looks a few pounds less than when we left...thanks Dana and Brooke!!  Brother Sacker and I were exhausted last night, so we didn't get any pictures posted.  Bear with us...they'll get posted...promise!
And to Brother Sacker...THAT was a great vacation!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We explored Friday Harbor, Roche Harbor and Snug Harbor

After a delicious (four course!!) breakfast, we started our exploration of Friday Harbor.  We thought it would only take about two ended up taking us all day!!  There is SO much to see here.  We discovered Roche Harbor, where the historic Hotel de Haro, which was built in 1887 by John McMillan who founded the Roche Harbor Lime and Cement Company in 1887.  President Theodore Roosevelt visited his friend, Mr. McMillan, in 1906 and stayed in room 2A, which is now the Presidential Suite.  We saw the original Hotel registration book bearing President Roosevelt's signature.  We also saw the two original stone kilns which were the original kilns built by the Scurr brothers in 1881.  We stayed and explored Roche Harbor for at least an hour!
The original home of John McMillan, now McMillan's Restaurant
The Hotel de Haro and gardens
Two of the original lime kilns
After we left Roche Harbor, we drove around some more of the island and came upon Snug Harbor...another wonderful surprise!  After exploring Snug Harbor for awhile, we then took off to explore the rest of Friday Harbor.  

Snug Harbor...the name certainly fits, doesn't it?!
We had dinner at the Outrigger Restaurant...yes, I got a menu!  However, it is not really a menu worthy restaurant and they would only give me a take-out menu.  

Tomorrow, we head to Orcas Island.  I love Friday Harbor!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Snoqualmie Falls and the ferry to Friday Harbor

Yesterday was our last day at Mount Rainier...sad, but on to more adventures!!  We drove to Snoqualmie Falls and had a fabulous lunch at Salish Inn, over looking the falls.  We had a small private alcove all to ourselves and had a gorgeous view of the falls.  We also had a marvelous meal and yes...I got a menu!!  We talked to the hostess, Teresa, and our waitress, Rachel and showed them the blog and the boys!  They took the blog address and we took a picture of both of them!  They are both very sweet young ladies and gave us good travel information.

Teresa and Rachel
 After lunch, we walked along the viewpoint path and Brother Sacker took some pics and a video of the falls.

 After leaving Snoqualmie, we drove to Anacortes, WA and got in line for the ferry to Friday Harbor. 

The ferry that took us to Friday Harbor

 We got checked in at Tucker House Inn B and B and went to dinner at Haley's Bait Shop and Grill.  No, it isn't a bait shop but it IS a good restaurant!!  Had some great homemade clam chowder.  And, yes...I got a menu!!    We are in our room and totally relaxed, which is kind of the purpose for our vacation!!  Tomorrow, we will be checking out Friday Harbor (actually the name of the island) some great advice re sightseeing from our waitress, Emerald (I name, huh?). Oops, I almost forgot...Brother Sacker was backing our car up into the parking area of the B and B and had backed up, then pulled back out, but was, of course, pulled out onto the wrong side of the street than what we should have been in and all of a sudden, there were red and blue flashing lights and so Brother Sacker stops backing up, waiting for the police.  One of the most polite policemen came up to the window and said that the only time someone drives in the wrong lane is if they are drunk or a tourist!!  After Brother Sacker explained WHY we were on the wrong side of the street, he said that was what he figured was happening and told us to have a great time exploring the island!!  I love Friday Harbor!!

Mount three

We woke up to a clear, cool day and could see the mountain driving into the park!!  No clouds.  No fog.  Just the mountain!!  We drove up to the Paradise Visitor's Center (which is closed now and open only on the weekends) and Brother Sacker took another picture of Mount Rainier from the exact same spot as on Sunday and Monday and guess what? can see the mountain!!  Whoo Hoo!  We drove and took pics of the fall colors, then went to Reflection Lakes and Brother Sacker took some amazing pics of the mountain reflected in the lake...hence, Reflection Lake!  Since the first day that we were in the park, we have seen huge water falls, medium water falls and smaller water falls.  I was intensly curious to taste the is so clear.  So, on the way out of the park, Brother Sacker pulled over and I took an empty water bottle, crossed a small water filled ravine and put my bottle under the dripping water and filled up my water bottle!  I got wet...very wet!  And, tore my new black tights.  But, I got the water!!  I climbed out of the ravine, got in the car and drank the was cold, clear and delicious!  So far, I have not come down with any horrible disease from drinking the water!  Then, we drove to the National Park Inn and sat on the porch and just vegged and enjoyed the cool weather and the view of the mountain.  While there, we were visited by a very bold blue bird.  We had eaten breakfast the day before at the Inn and had lunch there on Tuesday and really enjoyed talking to our waitress and the food was great!  And, yes...I got a menu!!  Please check back for pics and a video or two...we are both too tired to post pics tonight!  (Sorry, Pat!)  I love Washington state!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Once again...Brother Sacker to my rescue!!

Not only did Brother Sacker take all the Mount Rainier pictures...he also posted them for me AND cropped them AND added the captions for me!! You da man, dude! And, I love you.

Mount Rainier

We stopped at the Paradise Visitor Center again hoping to see Mount Rainier. Just like yesterday, we couldn't see the mountain! Try to imagine a fog so dense and dark that it would completely shroud a 14,000 foot mountain!
Taken Sunday at Paradise Visitor's Center

Taken Monday at Paradise Visitor's Center
So, Brother Sacker suggested going to the north side of the is a 60 mile drive to get to the north side...however it takes about two hours to get there...winding roads, waterfalls, mountain lakes, gorgeous get the picture. So, we are driving along when Brother Sacker says "look!". I was already looking! And, all I could say was oh my God! Literally, that was ALL I could say...over and over! I cannot put into words what is was like to see a snow covered 14,000 foot mountain looming in the distance, with clouds and fog swirling around it. As we drove higher and farther, we could see more and more of this majestic mountain. My words are seriously inadequate. Take a look for yourself...I love Washington state!

Mount Rainier
Yeah, It's Cold Up Here !!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We are at Mt. Rainier

We are out of phone range! There is no wi-fi at our is located on top of a mountain! Right now I am typing this in our car, outside of the cabin rental office, using their wi-fi. So, postings may or may not be sporadic! Can't see Mt. Rainer yet, even though we have been in the is very foggy! Brother Sacker took a picture of the mountain today outside of the visitor center...of course you cannot see it cuz of the fog! The weather is supposed to clear up by tomorrow. If it does, Brother Sacker will take a picture in the exact same place and you will be able to see what is hidden in the fog! What we COULD see were cascading waterfalls, moss and ferns growing everywhere (but no bears) ... have a look ...I love Washington state!

Entrance to Mount Rainier National Park
The view from the cabin bedroom at Mt. Rainier

Friday, October 8, 2010

It is easier to leave America than to get back into America!!

Daniel, our wonderful driver from Navico, picked us up this morning, Friday Oct. 8, at 9:30 am. We said sad goodbyes to the staff at the Hotel Coral...remember we have been there for two weeks; you kind of get to know everyone! Daniel has a business pass to get into the US, which means that he can avoid the two hour wait at the border and go through the business lines, which is good for him! However, not so good for his passengers in the van...they have to get out, get their baggage out of the van, and walk across the border! Thank goodness for rolling suitcases! So, Brother Sacker and I get our bags, etc. and walk about a city block to go through the border crossing. You show your passport to a man, who asks if you are bringing a whole list of things into the US, and voilĂ !! You are now back in the United States! Daniel picked us up about a block away, loaded our bags back on the van and we were once again on our way. A small inconvenience compared to having to wait two hours or longer in a line of cars crossing into the US! Okay...had a little trouble staying connected to the Internet at the airport, but we are at the bed and breakfast in Seattle, so...I'm back. Back to San Diego...Brother Sacker decided he was hungry and asked Daniel to go to the In-N-Out burger place cuz it is now 12:30 and lunchtime and we didn't have time to eat anything this morning. Daniel enthusiastically says great! Viktoria, however is NOT so thrilled! Think kind of greasy hamburgers (which is one reason for their popularity, I suppose), some kind of sauce, get the picture! Not ideal breakfast food. We get to the San Diego airport and say our sad good-byes and muchos gracias to Daniel and I get a hug, too! We go to Alaska Air and get checked in (I had to put some shoes in Brother Sacker's suitcase, cuz mine was a few pounds over and his was a few pounds under. And, no I did NOT bring that many shoes, Billy Jo!) I am almost through the full body scan and have to have my hair patted down cuz the machine detected the wire in the hair thingy in my hair! Our flight to Seattle was delayed almost an hour because one of the pilots was just flying in from Cabo and had to go through customs! We finally lift off and had a smooth flight. I played some games on my iPad, then (very graciously and very generously) let Brother Sacker play chess on my iPad (we downloaded ichess the other night for him). Then, we played WordZinga on my iPad. Then, we landed, got our bags, got our car and went to dinner at Ivars Acres of Clams. We had seafood chowder (me), clam chowder (Brother Sacker) and some fish and shrimp. And, yes...I got a menu! Thank you to Susan Smith for the recommendation! We are now settled in at the Dibble House Bed and Breakfast. I love Mexico! Oops...not in Mexico any longer...oh, well...I still loved Mexico!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dinner at Marta and Ramon's House and I met Jasmine & Alesandra

Marta and Ramon are Ramses mom and dad. They are such nice people! And, Marta is one FABULOUS cook! She made chicken with mole and rice...Brother Sacker and I both love mole! We had cheesecake topped with fruit for dessert. Ramses picked Brother Sacker and I up at our hotel and we stopped at a dulceria (a candy shop) to pick up some treats to take back to Tulsa for some little ones in our church. Now, this was not like ANY candy store I have ever been in! We are talking candy everywhere! Sky high shelves packed with candy! A kid's paradise! When we got to Marta and Ramon's house, we were greeted by the cutest little seven year old girl! Her name is Alesandra and she is in second grade. She is Ramses' niece and you cannot help but adore this little cutie! Brother Sacker had been to Marta's house the last time he was here but had not met Ramon. I was introduced to Marta and Ramon and welcomed to their house...a honor for me, really. A few minutes later, I got to meet Jasmine...Ramses' girlfriend. She is absolutely gorgeous! She is smart! She is adorable, too! And, she likes Coach purses (she has a really nice one, too!) and pink! Can you get any better? And, Ramses family loves her..and, really...what is not to love?! Ya hear that, Ramses! I took my iPad so we could look at pictures and she loved it! Her birthday is next week...ya hear that too, Ramses?! We had a wonderful dinner and the conversations just never stopped! We were treated like family...honestly, it was an honor for Brother Sacker and me to be invited into such a warm and loving home. A huge thank you to Marta and Ramon...thank you so much. And, we were invited back...another honor! I'm sure I will making additions to this post, when I am not so tired. I love Mexico!

Ramses and Jasmine

Marta, Alesandra and Ramon

Ramses Showing Baby Pictures (more on this later)

The sad news and the happy news

Ok...the sad news is we are leaving Mexico tomorrow...tears and sad faces here.
The happy news is that we will be back here whenever Navico needs Brother Sacker...smiles all around...whoopee!! I love Mexico!

In Memory of Marianne Fauber Clarke

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month...although I think every month should be breast cancer awareness month. My mom, Marianne Clarke, lost her five year battle with breast cancer in March, 1979. She was the epitome of grace and loveliness. She always had a kind word for everyone. She was my best friend. I loved my mom dearly and I miss her tremendously.
To help fund free mammograms, go to
and click on the pink "Click Here to Give - it's Free" button. You can do that EVERY day! And, they have a store where you buy great pink ribbon stuff! I love pink - it's my favorite color! If you haven't scheduled your mammogram for this yourself, your family and your friends a favor and schedule it today!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Great Food!!

On Monday, we decided to eat at the hotel was chilly and raining lightly and we didn't feel like going out! Just had a light dinner.

On Tuesday night, we ate at Casa Mar...I had fish tacos and Brother Sacker doesn't remember what he had...but, I do...he had scallops! And, yes I got the menu! Daniel, one of the drivers at Navico, recommended Casa Mar and dropped us off there after Brother Sacker got back from work. We took a taxi back to the hotel...not with Jesus, our usual driver though.

Tonight, Wednesday night, we called Jesus to take us to El Rey Sol...a Mexican restaurant that serves French pastry desserts! David ordered a Mexican combo plate, but our waitress misunderstood him and brought him a seafood combination plate! He ate most of it. I ordered seafood linguine and just ate the shrimp and a few pieces of had a wine sauce that was a little too strong for me. Then, we decided to have Crepes for dessert. They make them right there at your was fun watching the whole process! Actually, our other young waiter, Edgar, made the crepes, under the watchful eye of two other waiters, who were training him on how to do it...bless his heart! Pictures will be posted soon...Brother Sacker needs to help me and he is one step ahead of exhaustion tonight. We had asked Jesus if he knew where we could get some postcards on the way to dinner. He wasn't actually sure what a postcard was, so we told him we would shop for them later, after dinner. Well, we asked one of the waiters if he knew where we could get some postcards and about ten minutes later, he brought us an assortment of post cards, told us to pick what we wanted and let him know if we wanted any other ones! So, I picked the ones I wanted and asked if he could get five each of several cards I really loved...of course he would! Ten minutes later...I had about thirty postcards and Brother Sacker paid for them! Now THAT is what I call service! And, yes, I got the menu! Actually, they don't give menus to anyone, but, they took the menu out of the leather cover and gave it to secret! We were treated like royalty there! Look for pics in a day or two. We are invited to have dinner tomorrow night at Ramses' mothers house with Ramses and his girlfriend Jasmine. Oh, Jesus ALSO picked up some postcards for us...we bought six from him. I love Mexico!

Late lunch at Leonardo's in the Wine Country

We originally were going back to the wine country to eat at Mustafas. We drove by Leonardo's and decided to eat there, instead, because the guys that Brother Sacker works with at Navico said it is number one of the three recommended restaurants in the wine country. BIG mistake! The food was nothing to write home about!! The service was horrible! Our waitress took our order and she never came back to our table. Three older couples came in and she apparently knew them, so she spent all her time with them and totally ignored us. I guess we expected better service because of the wonderful service we have had everywhere else. And, no I did not get a menu! Bottom was NOT a menu worthy restaurant! I love Mexico!

La Bufadora

On Sunday, we went to see La Bufadora, which is a natural blowhole that spouts sea water up to 70 feet into the air. It is located approximately 22 miles south of Ensenada near the tip of Punta Banda Peninsula. It is actually pretty cool! We drove the 22 miles to Punta Banda and marveled at the scenery...mountains, ocean and in some areas poverty that broke my heart to see. I can only say that we, as Americans, are truly blessed. You can start to understand why someone would want to leave Mexico and get into the United States by any means possible. I will now climb down from my soapbox and get back to La Bufadora!
In order to get down to the area where La Bufadora is, you have to walk through a "marketplace" of sorts. After we parked the car, we walked about half a city block up to the aforementioned marketplace. It is like a large flea market, but the vendor stalls on on either side of the very narrow street. Anything and everything is being sold! It is overwhelming!! So, after maybe two city blocks of the flea market, we finally come to some steps and walkways. To say that it is crowded would be an understatement! Not unmanageable, though. We actually heard La Bufadora (I feel like I'm talking about a person, not this huge blowhole!) before we saw it! It is kinda loud! You can see the ocean water going into a crevice in the rocks, then it blows water through the is awesome! It's really fun to hear the kids close to the railing scream as they get wet! Brother Sacker took pictures and also got some video footage of it, which I hope to post sometime during my lifetime!! We spent some time oohing and aahing and got sprayed a little, then decided we would leave and drive back out to the wine country for a late lunch. We were walking through the marketplace and vendors were calling to us to buy this or that. I wanted some postcards and stopped and picked two and Brother Sacker asked how much they were. One dollar apiece! We get postcards in the U.S. for four for a dollar! So, back to the card rack they went!! One man called to me to look at his purses for sale...that was hard to say no thank you to! I told him only if there were Coach purses. He said he had Coach purses! I said only REAL Coach purses! He said he had real Coach purses! I said that I only buy real Coach purses at the real Coach store!! The next vendor called to me to buy a purse...I said no, thank you, I don't need one. He asked me to buy some sandals...I said no thank you, I don't need any. He asked me to buy a shawl...I said no thank you, I don't need one. Finally, he said..."well, why don't you buy something from me that you DON'T need!". I guess he had a point!! Anyway, we got back to our car and left for the drive to lunch. We did stop at a small roadside business and buy some mango candy and a couple of beef tamales...the woman was cooking the tamales right there in front of us! Now, THAT is the kind of fast food I could eat quite often! Check back for pics, please. I love Mexico!

La Bufadora

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two Apostolics in the Mexican Wine Country and Colitis in the Outback!!

We picked up our rental car on Saturday morning; we knew where to go, but our taxi driver (not Jesus, who usually takes us) didn't listen to Brother Sacker's directions and ended up driving way out of the way! So, we get our car (a little white Dodge Attitude...I didn't know there WAS such a car!) and start the drive to wine country. We were hungry, so decided to eat as soon as we found the restaurant that we were looking for...El CorreCaminos (The Roadrunner), which is a popular eating place! The road to the wine country climbs through some mountains, winding it's way gradually was awesome! We drove around looking at different vineyards and casas and then decided to eat. Let me say this...when you tell someone you are visiting the wine country, they immediately tell you their favorite vineyard to visit or favorite wine to which we answer, of course, that we do not drink. Naturally, we got funny looks and a lot of "you don't drink? Just try a sip or two of the wine!". Um, no...SO not gonna happen!! Anyway, we find El CorreCaminos and place our orders for a late breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice...oh, so good! We started talking to our waiter, Francisco, who was very knowledgeable and gave us directions and maps to different places. We both use the bathroom (remember, we are way out in the mountains!) and leave and get back on the road (yes, I got a menu!). So, we're driving around and exploring when we drive up to a military checkpoint. Even if you (like us) have nothing illegal in your car, this is a daunting experience! There are soldiers demanding that you stop your car. Then, they demand that you open the car trunk. During all this, they are carrying machine guns and have NO smiles on their faces. You just do want they ask and don't say a word. Sometimes they have you get out of the car to look inside...they only looked in the trunk of our car. Now, I have colitis...a colitis attack can be brought on by eating the wrong foods, maybe something greasy or in a tomato sauce or by a stressful situation! Being an American in a rental car at a military checkpoint is a stressful situation!! At least in my book! I feel the first rumblings of a colitis attack coming on as we are sitting there. I had taken two Immodiums at the restaurant to help prevent an attack...mountainous area, no get the picture! So, we pass out of the checkpoint and drive for awhile. Then Brother Sacker says he thinks we should turn around cuz we might be someplace we shouldn't be! Huh...ya' think?! We are so far out in the middle of nowhere!! So, we finally find a place to turn around (on this winding mountain road) and drive for awhile and lo and behold...we are right back at that stress inducing military checkpoint! Oh, joy! I think they remembered us because they wave us through and we drive on. By this time, I tell Brother Sacker that I might need to use the bathroom soon...not immediately, but soon! We are taking a different route home and are driving through an area that doesn't have a bathroom that I would ever use! By this time, I tell Brother Sacker that I am out of the grace period and approaching panic mode to find a decent bathroom! Ah...there up ahead is the sign to Laja...a rather exclusive looking restaurant. There is a small tour getting out of their bus and going into the restaurant, so we park and follow them inside. David goes in and requests a table...we are thinking dessert. I find the ladies bathroom and join the line outside only to find that the bathroom is inside the doors we are waiting outside of! So, I FINALLY get inside to use the bathroom!! Before leaving, I took a little toilet tissue (ok...the truth...I took about half a roll! Don't laugh! Think mountain area, think remote area!). I was really feeling horrible and dehydrated. I sit down and find a large bottle of filtered water and practically guzzle it down! Brother Sacker has ordered dessert. Come to find out; this is the restaurant I read about that only serves a limited menu of a few dishes and all at a fixed price that includes, of course, your wines! Our waiter very graciously just serves the dessert items to us and only charges us for them. And, he gave Brother Sacker a menu for me! We leave there (after drinking lots of filtered water and taking two more Immodium) and we are once again on our way. We double back to where we were going before and it is an uneventful and beautiful drive back to Ensenada. Brother Sacker took me to the top of a lookout point and I could see all over Ensenada and the ocean. We stopped briefly at our hotel (all that water drinking!) and then we drove to Navico, so I could see where Brother Sacker goes everyday. Then, we decide to find the supermarket...Soriano. I really need some yogurt, juice and fruit (we have a small fridge in the suite, but no microwave!) Well...Brother Sacker missed his turn and goes to the next side-street, where there is a no U-turn sign posted, which he sees AS he is starting to make a U-turn! So, instead of making the U-turn, he just turns onto the side street. And, the side street is a one way street...NOT going the way we are driving and is a two lane street and is starting to be a street packed with cars during rush hour! Amidst several car horns honking and several drivers and pedestrians laughing...Brother Sacker pulls into a driveway like place and gets us going in the right direction! There were people on the sidewalks just laughing at Brother Sacker (notice I didn't say us?!) one was mean about it...they just laughed! They must see that often! We are looking for a grocery store called Soriano. We pass one, then another one about two blocks down, then another one about two blocks down...until we have probably passed five or six! We finally see one on our side of the street and stop there. This place is really cool...there are security guards in the parking lot, helping with groceries and directing traffic...with whistles! It is just so cool! The cashier offered us their frequent buyer card, so now we have that for the next time we're here! We decided to have fish tacos for dinner and went back to Mahi-Mahi. I love Mexico!

Welcome to the wine route

Our rental car, a Dodge Attitude (it wishes)

Vineyards in the wine country

El Corre Caminos (The Road Runner)

Military Checkpoint (stress factor)

Don't kid around with these guys

Mountains in the wine country

Laja Restaurante (and bathroom)

Thank you for visiting

Back in Ensenada (scenic viewpoint)

Scenic viewpoint

Food from Sorianos

Dinner at Haliotis with Brother Sacker and Guest Starring Ramses Navarro!!

Ramses Navarro is a friend of Brother Sackers. He works at Navico, where Brother Sacker works, which is why we are here in Ensenada. Ramses is just an all around nice man...answered my hundreds of questions about anything and everything! Very easy to talk to. Doesn't mind answering all my questions...even the questions about how old is he and why isn't he married!! BTW...he is 31 and working on the getting married thing!! We had a great meal...the food is fab! And, yes...I got a menu! We ended up staying there for a couple of hours and just was a very enjoyable evening. Of course, since Brother Sacker and Ramses work together and are both computer dudes, they started talking " shop", so I excused myself and checked out all the stained glass windows, which were made especially for the restaurants owners and depict fishing and water scenes. I love Mexico!

Brother Sacker, Ramses and Viktoria at Haliotis


Stained Glass at Haliotis

Friday, October 1, 2010

A HUGE thank you to Brother Sacker!

Brother Sacker took the time last night to (patiently) show me how to upload pics for my blog. Please keep in mind that Brother Sacker is in Ensenada to work. Which he does all day; sometimes longer than eight hours and he is tired when he gets "home". Then, we go out to have dinner. When we finally get back to our hotel, he really just wants (and certainly deserves) to unwind and relax. Last night after dinner he took the time to walk me through how to put pics on easy task teaching me! So, after watching him do it once, he wanted me to do it by know...teach a man (or woman, in this case!) to fish, blah, blah, blah! And, I can't use my IPad...I have to use his laptop. Which he wants to use, of course. After I posted my pics last night and he got out of the shower, he very graciously corrected some of my errors. So...a big THANK YOU to Brother Sacker!! You da man, dude!