Sunday, May 26, 2013

Please Pray for my Friend Pat C!

I have a wonderful friend named Pat C.  In fact, she is one of my bestest buddies...I love her dearly.  She is a Godly woman, a prayer warrior, a great friend, she is trying to teach me how to crochet and she has a horrible nudging me on a game we play called Matching with Friends!!  I think she sets her alarm to wake up as soon as she can so she can nudge me to play!  I should mention that she beats me horribly at this game!  She also is a great on-line mini golfer...she beats me all the time at that game too!!  Bless her heart!  So...please add Pat C to your prayer list and ask God to PLEASE heal her of nudging me!!  We just might have to do a nudge intervention for her, otherwise!  I forgot to mention that she and I have been friends for almost ten years...she was one of my first friends when I started going to New Life Pentecostal Church (now known as The Lighthouse Church)!!!  She has fought and victoriously won many battles and is such an inspiration to me.  In fact, I want to be like her when I grow up!!  She is a sister of my heart!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our New House!

We decided to rent our old house and look for another house.  I found a fantastic real estate agent...Jaybee Treat and scoured page and pages and more pages of houses for sale in Tulsa, Sapulpa and Glenpool, OK.  Then, Brother Sacker and I went through about 40 houses online and narrowed  our favorites down to about 15 houses, I called Jaybee and set up a day to go look at houses and the search began for our perfect house!  My friend, Judy, went with me to meet Jaybee and off we went!  First house we looked at was a definite NO!  Second house we looked at was okay, but I hated the carpeting, so it went on a maybe list!  The third house was a mess AND the owner stayed in the house the entire time we were there!  So, it was also a definite NO!  Then, we went to see a model home in The Crossing at Glenpool...I liked the house, but it was just a little small.  Then, we went to Bixby to see another model home and I loved that house!  Two days later, Brother Sacker and I met Jaybee at the model in Bixby, but he didn't like that house because of the layout, etc.  So, back to the model in Glenpool!  To make a very long story short...we chose the Hartford model home to have built!  It is 2000 square feet, four bedrooms, two baths.  There were two things I wanted in our new entryway and a dining room...this house has both!  Plus an eat-in kitchen, which I also like.  Now, we had to choose which elevation we wanted (simply put...which style roof!),  interior colors, exterior brick, cedar shakes, rock style, wood floors, carpets, tile, backsplash tile, bathroom style, appliance colors...on and on!  We made a lot of upgrades, eliminated a fireplace...wouldn't really use it in OK!!  We signed off on it all, met our mortgage lender guy, signed those papers and now begins the wait to see our dream house be built!  We have a pre-construction meeting this Monday with the builder and they are going to "start moving dirt!".  Which means they are going to start building our house!  We are super excited!  I'll be taking lots of pics and will post a few to show progress.  Our builder is Rausch Coleman and they build houses...our should be done by the end of August/beginning of Septenber!