Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You CAN teach an old lady new tricks!!

Tonight I learned how to post to Craig's List!! And, I also learned how to crop my pictures so that they can be posted on Craig's List! Whoo Hoo!! Thank you, again, Brother Sacker for your help and immense patience!! My first listing is for our piano...we bought the old piano from the Beggs Pentecostal Church several years ago, while we were helping out in the Beggs church. Since that time, we have purchased a keyboard for Brother Sacker to use, so we decided to sell the old piano (and I want to move my antique china cabinet over to where the piano is!!). After Devin Butler mows our grass, I will be setting up the tents and other camping equipment we are selling and also the two backpacks we are selling and post those pictures on Craig's List. Slowly getting our garage cleaned out to have my garage sale...finally!!