Thursday, September 30, 2010

I shared my pastry with a seagull this morning...

I was sitting at the desk in our "living room" area of the suite this morning doing some on-line research for places to go this weekend and some movement on the lanai (balcony) caught my eye. There was this kind of large seagull sitting on the ledge just looking at me!! So, I grabbed the camera, a leftover pastry, opened the sliding glass door and proceeded to feed her pieces of pastry. I put pieces on the ledge, the floor and the table. I know...two posts in one day...I forgot to add this to my earlier post and it isn't easy to edit a post on an IPad!

Tonight We Ate At Temaky...a Sushi Bar (Yes, I got the menu!)

Brother Sacker came home (well, the hotel suite) tonight and said they had lunch at a little sushi bar downtown.  He raved and raved about the sushi and said that he really could eat sushi again for dinner.  He knows how much I love sushi, so I think Brother Sacker was kind of fishing for the "sure, let's go" comment!  Which, of course, he got!!  So, we called Jesus Ortiz to come get us.  As soon as we get in the taxi, Jesus asks Brother Sacker where we are having dinner tonight.  Brother Sacker told him about Temaky and where he THOUGHT it was located downtown.  Thought being the important word here!!  So, we get downtown and can't find Tamaky!!  Jesus Ortriz just yelled out the window and asked some guys where Tamaky was!!  This man is just a hoot!!  So, we take a small tour of downtown Ensenada (shoe stores EVERYwhere, I might add!!) and finally find Tamaky.  Jesus Ortiz leaves us there and says he will be back to pick us up at 7:30.  We go in and they recognize Brother Sacker, seat us, introductions are made and we order an appetizer of Ensenada mushrooms.  They brought us a bowl of soy beans, still in the pod thingy with some salt sprinkled on them...still steaming hot!!  Now, Brother Sacker has tried for several years to get me to eat soy beans...the perfect "super food"...yeah...SO not happening!  So, I absent mindedly pick one up, pop one out and eat one.  OMW...I found out that I really do like steamed soy beans!  We also ordered iced tea, which was a green tea and really good.  We ordered an Ensenada roll and a Spider roll and ended up bringing half of the Ensenada roll home.  After Brother Sacker made our order, I told him that he hadn't ordered anything with masaga (smelt roe/eggs...WAY yummy!)on it and Patricio (our waiter) said he would have the sushi chef put some masaga on the Spider roll!  This was some good sushi...fresh scallops, crab, absolutely fab!!  The camera batteries died just when I wanted to get a picture, so we came back to the hotel, with a menu (they don't give out menus, but Patricio said he liked us and gave us Spanish!) of course and took a pic of it.  See below.  I love Mexico!!

Menu from Temaky

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another menu worthy restaurant! And, yes, I got the menu!

Tonight we ate dinner at El Restaurante en Punta Morro, on the recommendation of Jesus Ortiz, who is our personal taxi driver now!! Punta Morro is on a cliff right on the was beautiful. Actually, beautiful does not do it justice. We arrived a little before sunset and walked down some rock steps to almost within a few feet of the ocean. A rock collector's (like me) dream! And, no, I did not take a rock...I'm waiting for this weekend for rocks! We sat at a corner table for two and starting oohing and aahing! We watched the sun go down and the tide start coming in. The menu was in English with the prices in pesos! Our waiter took our order and I told him I wanted the lobster crepes, to which he said that no, that I wanted the lobster enchiladas!! So, I had the lobster enchiladas!! Brother Sacker ordered the sea bass with a white wine and cilantro sauce. Our dinners were wonderful. Oh...before they brought our ice teas, they gave us each these swirly, hard rolls and they leave two small dishes of butter. One was quite obviously butter with garlic and spices. The other one was smooth and brown. So naturally, I assume it is a chocolate butter and spread some on my roll. Right as I am taking a bite, Brother Sacker tells me that the brown stuff isn't very tasty. So, of course, I take my bite and almost gag!! I told Brother Sacker that it tasted like liverwurst (which I actually love). Turns out the brown stuff is chicken liver pate'!! Which Brother Sacker said tasted like dirt! And also gave me a quick chicken anatomy class!! Needless to say...not chocolate butter, which I think would have been pretty cool!! Hmmm...I just had hmmmm moment. There are no waitresses here; only waiters. More on that thought later. BTW...Jesus Ortiz gave us a ride in his taxi on Monday night. He gave us his card with his cell phone number on it and said not to call anyone, but him! He is a hoot! He has been married 11 years and is going to finally be a daddy and is thrilled! He has given us the best restaurant recommendations and even drew Brother Sacker a small map of some places to go this weekend (we will have a car this weekend). We want to see El Bufadoro...the blowhole. I love Mexico!!
Menu from Punta Morro
At Punta Morro with the ocean behind us

Let's hear a big hooray for fish tacos!!!!!

Okay...I have to admit that the thought of a fish taco just about turned my stomach! You know how we Americans use ground meat and mix in a packet of taco seasoning? (OK, maybe I'm the only non-cook around and everyone else makes their taco seasoning from scratch! Show-offs!) I simply could NOT imagine doing that with fish...yuck! Well...last night we ate at Mahi-Mahi and Brother Sacker ordered some fish tacos for our appetizer. A few minutes later (cue the music from Jaws here!), our waiter brings a plate with two fish tacos (placed upside down on the plate and I'm thinking yeah, cuz they really don't want you to see what exactly is inside that fish taco!!) and some yellow rice on it. He also left a small plate with chopped onions, sliced purple onions, chopped tomatoes and chopped cilantro and a little plastic container with some white stuff in it. Turning the taco over, you can imagine my delighted surprise when I discover that a fish taco is just a large piece of tempura battered fish filet put in a white corn tortilla!! Whoopee!! Oh...and the white stuff? It's mayo! And here I thought I didn't like Mexican food! Of course now, I'll be comparing all other fish tacos to the ones I ate at Mahi-Mahi!! Definitely a menu-worthy restaurant!! For those of you who don't know...I collect menus. Only, of course, from restaurants we have eaten in that have great food! I actually have menus from The Court of Two Sisters and Emeril's in New Orleans...VERY hard to come by! But, I digress! (I'll do a menu post some other time!!) I have to figure out how to ask for a menu and explain that I collect menus to someone who speaks limited English! Or, so I thought! Finally, our waiter gets an older man who speaks good English and hands me a menu after I explain why I would like one! And, this menu is all in Spanish...I love it!! I may have to go back to the Pueblo Cafe and TRY to get a menu from there. Our waiter told us he is there everyday, except Tuesday and his name is Roberto! I just love Mexico!

Menu from Mahi Mahi
I love fish tacos
Roberto serving us at the Pueblo Cafe


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We are finally in Mexico!!

We turned in our rental car on Sunday and the driver from the Hotel Coral, Joel (actually pronounced Hoyel), met us at the Alamo car rental offices. I'm so glad we decided not to take the rental car to Mexico...the line of cars at the border was miles long! He has a special pass, so can avoid the long lines. I asked SO many questions about everything and he graciously answered all of them! It is strange (to say the least) to pull up at the border and see armed military with their guns out and watching you like hawks. There are also different checkpoints where you encounter military men with their guns out. Joel told us that they are, of course, checking for large amounts of money coming into the country and drugs going out of the country. Mexico is quite a study in contrasts...there are huge, gorgeous houses built along the ocean and then shacks next to them. Joel asked if we wanted to eat somewhere with a view or somewhere with great food...we chose great food! He took us to a cafe where we had grilled lobster, rice, beans, homemade tortillas and lemonade. It was wonderful! All locals eating there, so you knew it would be great food! People here are so friendly...everyone asks where we are from, about our families and are more than willing to help us learn words in Spanish. Our hotel is awesome..all the rooms have an ocean view. We have a three room suite...the bathroom is bigger than kitchen at home!! Yesterday, I sat outside on our balcony and read and enjoyed the scenery. It was in the nineties, but a cooling front is here now, so I will venture out today. I can't really walk far, because there are no sidewalks and you can't really walk in the streets because of the cars. The main part of town is about five miles away. Last night we ate at the Pueblo Cafe and I had chicken with mole (a sauce made with chilies and chocolate, among other tasty things!) and it was the best mole I have ever had...honestly! I will post a link to our Picassa web photo album tonight...actually, I will ask Brother Sacker to help! I love Mexico!

Saturday, September 25, 2010 it or leave it!!

Our flight from Tulsa to Denver was uneventful. Our flight to San Diego was uneventful. Brother Sacker sleeps and I read books on my Ipad. I LOVE my Ipad and having books on my Kindle more packing a stack of books! We drove to our Bed and Breakfast (Pelican Cove Inn in Carlsbad, CA), showered and went straight to sleep. Our bodies are on OK time! Today, after a fab breakfast, we drove to La Jolla and walked around and explored...saw some sea lions playing. There are just SO many people and SO many cars! I really don't care too much for is WAY more crowded than I like. We did see a beautiful sunset tonight. We are turning in our rental car tomorrow and our hotel in Ensenada will pick us up in their van. We will have a rental car on the weekends in Mexico. We are both anxious to leave CA. I still haven't learned how to upload photos, but when we have time, Brother Sacker still promises to show me how to do that! Had some fab sushi for dinner! I will miss going to church tomorrow. Sorry if this post is kind of rambling and dis-jointed... I am tired! 'night!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thanks again to Billy Stewart!!

Billy very kindly volunteered to take Brother Sacker and me to the airport this afternoon!!  She is an answer to a prayer!  Thanks Billy Jo!!  Love ya'...

Bye, Bye Tulsa!!!

I didn't sleep great last night...anxious about flying, I guess.  Got up a little after 9:00 am...sleeping in for me!!  Getting ready to get in the shower and then start packing.  Have to check on-line to see what can and cannot be taken in our carry-on bags.  It's been forever since I've flown!!  So...see y'all in 25 days!!  Will post pics...promise!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

We leave tomorrow!! And, no, I'm still not packed!

I have all our bed & breakfast reservations, dinner reservations and car rental reservations information in my journal.  The house is clean.  Laundry is done, for the most part!  The dishwasher has been unloaded!  The boys have been treated with flea and tick stuff (thank goodness, they have been flea/tick free this year!!).  There is plenty of dog food and dog treats.  Dana and Brooke each have house keys.  Brother Sacker is talking about packing...hasn't actually DONE any packing, however!  I will pack tomorrow.  I know what I'm taking, but usually don't pack until the day we actually  leave.  Brother Sacker is doing the camera check, and downloading some info into our GPS, while playing on-line chess!!  I have LOTS of books downloaded on my Ipad (I love that Kindle app!!)...leaving is now hours, not days away!!  I'm a little anxious about flying.  I'm not crazy about flying...I do a LOTof praying while flying!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thank you to my wonderful friend, Billy Jo!!

Billy Jo Stewart is such a wonderful friend.  She knew what day today is and she spent most of the day with me...we talked, looked at stuff on the computer, talked about our children, had lunch at McAlesters, and talked more.  All in all, a great day spent with a great friend and kept my mind occupied with good thoughts.  My heartfelt thanks to you, Billy.  I love you and appreciate you so much.
Countdown is four days till we leave...whoo hoo!!  And, no, I am not ready...packing wise.  I'm saving that for Thursday!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Five Days till Vacation...

Five days till we leave for vacation!!  So, today one of my best buddies, Liz Butler, turned 40 years didn't hear that from me, though!!  We shopped at the Coach store, then had lunch and lots of laughter at P.F.Changs, then shopped some more at Bath and Body Works, Pottery Barn and Pier One at Utica Square.  When I got home, I put the boys outside and a little while later, brought them back in.  Valentino started acting REALLY weird...fallng down, was scary!!  I grabbed him and starting praying for God to heal my little fat boy.  I called our vet, Dr. Nickel, at Banfield and took him in.  She ran tests on him and she thinks Valentino probably had a seizure.  He had them years ago and I asked Brother Pixler to pray for him and Valentino had not had seizures for at least four years...God is great!  So, no meds for Valentino; she didn't see any need for them at this point.  So, please pray for Valentino to be healed...he is my baby and I know God will heal him because he means so much to me.  Whew...long day today!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The countdown continues...

Six days and counting, folks!! 
I woke up this morning feeling achy and coughing and Brother Sacker keeps telling me not to get sick before we leave...I guess it would be better for me to get sick while we are in Mexico!!  Especially since all I can say in Spanish is I love you with all my heart!!  My grandson, Andres, taught me how to say that.  I feel like I might be coming down with a cold, so pray for my health, please.  My resistance to getting sick has always been very low and I usually get sick within a few days after being in our church nursery, where I was last Sunday!! 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Countdown to our (much needed!!) vacation...

Today is Saturday, Sept. 18.  We leave on Friday, Sept. 24.  The countdown begins!!  SEVEN days...whoo hoo!!  Oh, my husband has promised to show me how to upload our pics here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

September is such a hard month for me...

Not everyone knows this, but my daughter, Jennifer, passed away on September 21st, 1990.  Her 18th birthday was on September 14th, 1990.  She had just given birth to my oldest grandson, Andres on September 6th, 1990.  She died of complications of Lupus...a disease that I had never even heard of.  Some years, I do okay around this time.  Some years, it just seems more than I can bear.  This year, it seems more than I can bear.  She was my daughter, my friend, my shoe shopping buddy and just an all-around delighful young woman, and I miss her more than I can even put into words.  My friend, Bethany McDonald, passed away several months ago and I miss her SO much.  Today is her birthday.  I know I should celebrate their lives, however short they both were.  This year...I just can't do that.  My heart is broken.