Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Two Best Friends

These are my two best friends...Pat C and Judy P.  We decided to have a Christmas brunch and exchange gifts at our new house this year...starting a new tradition!  Another new tradition...no buying anything new!  All gifts had to come from things we already owned, or were handmade by us!!  I thought this would be easy!!  Turns out we all three stressed about our gifts BIG time!!  Which was totally ridiculous...we all three have different talents that we ended up putting to good use!! 
I made a new recipe for a breakfast casserole, Judy made homemade muffins and Pat brought the best honeydew melon I've tasted in a LONG time!!  We sat and ate and talked and talked and talked!!  We shared memories and made new ones.  We laughed and cried over some of those old memories...which was wonderful.  I am SO greatly blessed by these two ladies...Godly ladies who are an example of how we all should live.  I thank Jesus every day for bringing these two beautiful ladies into my life.  I hope they know how much I love them and value their friendships.  They are the kind of friends you grow old with!!  And, those gifts that all three of us agonized over?  No need to...we all three loved our gifts!!  Merry Christmas!!

A little fancy table setting so they know how
special they are!!
That is Pat on the left and Judy on the right...we were taking
pictures of each other taking pictures of ech other!

Pat and Judy...the best friends a girl could ask for!

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