Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November

I have been sick all day. I hate to throw up. Especially with my two dogs vying for space by me in my bathroom! My day has been miserable and too humiliating to share with anyone other than Brother Sacker! Thank you, Brother Sacker for coming home during lunch and bringing me ginger ale, unsalted-top crackers and macaroni and cheese. Mac and comfort food. I really miss my mom when I'm sick. I will miss the second day of revival at our church. I hope to be better tomorrow, so that I can go vote. We ALL need to vote is very important to exercise our right to vote. Did you know that if you are convicted of a felony you lose your right to vote?! Yikes! I was in the first group of 18 year olds that got to vote! I am going back to bed now. No isn't pretty! Oh...welcome November...whoopee!

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