Thursday, July 11, 2013

A shout-out to my brother, Forrest and look what happened on Wednesday!!

Before I post any more pictures, I'd like to thank my youngest (notice I don't call you the baby anymore, Forrest!!) brother, Forrest for very discreetly telling me (in the comments section of one of my posts) what the roof and dormers are called.  He is a draftsman for Cavco in Arizona.  When we visited him for Christmas, he took us on a tour at the Cavco plant and we REALLY enjoyed it!  That said...our roof is a Dutch hip garage roof and the dormers are actually called dog-house dormers.  I'm hoping that he will continue to leave comments and tell me what things should be called!!

When I got out to the build site, there was no one there!  Nothing at all going on!!  No construction vehicles, no construction guys, no machines digging...nothing!!  So, in spite of that green barrier being across the driveway, I went in to look around!  The tub for the master bath was in, the walk-in shower for the master bath was in, some drywall was up, and it was obvious to me that the plumbers had been there because of the PVC pipe in the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. 

Bathtub in our master bath.  Love the block window!
Walk-in shower enclosure in master bath

Those pipes are where the sink will be.  Thats a whole lot
of drywall in our living room!!
This is where the furnace will be
Hook-ups in laundry room


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