Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gettin' down to the wire, here...

I went out to our new house today, thinking that maybe since it rained so much today, maybe the carpet would be installed in the four bedrooms.  Hasn't happened yet!!  Probably a good thing, since they would be traipsing around on our carpet with muddy boots, dirty tools, etc!!  The kitchen sink was put back in the countertop, though and the shower door in the master bath was installed, as well as the shower head.  The front of the house is rather stunning, in my opinion!!  They finished the rain guttering today, which was rather appropriate since it has rained the last two days!!  I can't wait to get a picture of the house without trash stacked up in our driveway!!

Kitchen sink put back in the new countertops, just waiting for
the Mexican tile backsplash

I think the muddy boot prints really add to
this picture, don't you?!

I like the contrast of oil rubbed
bronze and the lighter walls

Finishing up with the installation of rain guttering

All this rain is REALLY good for our sod, tree and bushes
I wish I knew how to photoshop the trash and the green
barrier out of the picture!

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