Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our almost done!!

There was a LOT going on at our new house today!!  The two previously elusive windows were framed and the walls repainted where they had to be retrofitted.  Mirrors were in their frames in both of the baths.  Carpeting was down in all four bedrooms and all the closets.  The front door was being painted black.  They installed a light in the pantry.  I forgot to check if the towel racks were up!!'s the biggie!!  Drum roll, please!!  Our Mexican tile backsplash in the kitchen was up!!  And, it is flat out gorgeous!!  I absolutely LOVE it!!  Love the carpeting also.  I made a really pretty red burlap wreath for our new black front door and I can't wait to see it up on that door; I think it will really make our front door POP!!  Brother Sacker told me that we have home orientation next Tuesday with Nick and Mark at the new house.  This is when I'll get to go over my list of things that need to be fixed!!  (I noticed that some of the kitchen cabinet doors are not hung evenly and the stain on the mirror frames need to be touched up!)  Nick told Brother Sacker that we will be going over the house "with a fine tooth comb"...I think my comb is a LITTLE bit more fine toothed than theirs, though!!  Poor Nick knows by now that he is dealing with a perfectionist!! Brother Sacker told Nick that I am the warrior for our house!!  And, I guess I am!!  Still have the "borrowed" garage door up, also, so anxious to see our actual door with the hardware on it.
The painters had just finished the front door!  This is where
our refrigerator will go.
I love the Mexican tile backsplash!  Sorry the picture is
blurry!  Maybe I can get Bro Sacker to take one for me later!
I honestly LOVE the backsplash! 

This is the framed mirror in the hall bath.  Mirrors in both
bathrooms are framed and stained to match our cabinets.

Framed and ready for some paint.  Love having
so many windows in our new house!

Isn't that a pretty front door?!  It might just
be a black front door to you...but to me it's
a black door just waiting for a pretty red wreath!!

Love the carpeting...especially in the closets!  Especially in
the closet where my shoes and boots will soon be living!

Valentino seemed to like that carpet too!

This is the pretty red burlap wreath I made for our black
front door...can't wait to see it up.  I just need to put the
black organdy ribbon on it to hang it up properly with!!

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  1. Very nice!! Now you need to post some pictures about your Garage Sale!!