Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One more week and it will officially be ours!!

We met with Mark C. (believe me, you want this man to be your construction manager!) and Nick A. (Sales Rep extraordinaire!!) to do a walk-through tonight at 5:30.  What this means is that we (Nick, Mark, Brother Sacker, me and Bro Stan Short) went room to room to room (you get the idea!!) and checked EVERYTHING!!  They had all the lights on, fan on, dishwasher running, water running and water plugs down, to make sure everything was in perfect running condition.  Mark showed us EVERYTHING in every single room and we pointed things out that needed fixing...only about five things, actually.  It took us about two hours to go through the house room by room by room!  Mark will make sure everything that needs fixing will be fixed and we will do ANOTHER walk-through on Monday, Aug 26th, then on Tuesday, Aug 27th...the day we have been waiting for...our closing date!!  We will be putting boxes in the 4 Runner, going to the closing, then going to our new house and taking boxes in the house.  During the remainder of next week, I will be making trips in the 4 Runner, taking boxes over to the new house and then the movers will be moving us in that weekend!!  Then, our new house will become our new home...we are so blessed.
This was taken on Monday, Aug 19...fencing was almost done
being installed
That tree is actually a Cleveland Pear tree
House, fence, tree, shrubs, and mailbox
Brother Sacker and Mark C.

Brother Sacker, Mark and Brother Stan Short


  1. Your house is beautiful !! I am so happy for both of you!!! Just don't forget to envite me over!!! It sounds like you'll be in by Labor Day. How exciting!!
    Love ya,

  2. You know you have a standing invitation to come over for iced tea any time!!