Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feeding My Addiction Liz (Butler) and I went to Woodland Hills Mall.  We were shopping for our husbands and Liz's soon to be 16 year old son, Devin.  We bought some winter clothes for the guys, then started just walking around the mall.  Went into Coldwater Creek, but didn't like anything in the store...THAT was a first!!  Then, we went into the Coach store...I had a 25% off coupon, which I forgot at home.  I had saved some cash for a really nice tote.  So, the saleslady said that they would look my name up on the computer and get my coupon that way...kudos to Coach!!  So, I bought my really neat tote and got 25% off...whoo hoo!!  Then, we decided to leave and get something to eat.  Unfortunately, we walked by the Baker Shoe Store and saw the most gorgeous black suede booties in the window; actually we saw two different pairs of black suede booties in the window!!  So, of course we had to go in and try on these gorgeous booties.  I didn't think I'd like them because of the platform part, but we decided to try them on anyways.  Please keep in mind that Liz does NOT wear high heels like me and these booties have 5.5 inch heels, which I love, but Liz doesn't love!!  I bought the pair with the suede bow on the back of the bootie...thus, feeding my addiction!!  I LOVE these booties!  Liz did, in fact, try on a pair but couldn't walk in them!!  Walking in 5.5 inch heels takes some practice.  These shoes are so comfortable I could have worn them all day shopping!!  Apparently, the platform under the toe/ball of the foot takes pressure off the rest of the foot and they are comfy.  I can't wait to wear them...


  1. Just loved your booties!! I wore the shoes we got together to church last night; everyone loved them! So many compliments!

  2. No picture?! I'll be keeping my eyes open for some platforms around church. :)