Thursday, July 18, 2013

Drywall, bricks and siding

I hadn't been out to our new house since Monday (July15) and I was very surprised at what I found they were doing today!!  The insulation was finished on Monday, when I was there.  Drywall is already up, as you can see from the walls in the garage.  That silly green barrier was across the driveway and there are signs stating "Hard Hat Area" so I didn't attempt to go in the house today!!  I could also see the drywall up in the front bedroom, which is actually my office/craft room!  When I walked over to the left side of the house...lo and behold...the brick masons were hard at work putting up brick!!  It really looks great!  The two guys were waving and posing for me, so I waited till they went back to work to get some pics!!  I didn't know the brick would be going around the bottom where they are putting it, but, I love it!  Brother Sacker picked out the colors for the siding, the bricks, the cedar shakes and the stonework.  I certainly do love the look!!  I'm SO anxious to see the stonework that will be on the front of the house!!  I had the boys with me on Monday, so here's pics of them too!!

This is the back of the house with David's office window on
the left
Back of the house with our master bedroom on the right.
I love those six foot windows in our living room!!
Two of the brick masons laying the brick on the left side of\
the house.  You can see the block window of the master
bath back there.

The drywall in the garage
That brick will continue up and around the garage and cover
a lot of the front of the house
Sundance in my cute little red car!!
Valentino in my cute little red car!!

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