Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Golden Boy is Pretty Sick...

I had noticed some egg shaped lumps on either side of Sundance's neck last week and took him to the vet on Tuesday (July 16), where they took some cells out of each lump and sent them to the pathology lab.  When we got home from church last night, his face was swollen and the lumps had tripled in size!  So, back to the vet today!  The lumps are actually lymph nodes, so they are concerned that he may have canine lymphoma; mainly because of his past history of cancer and due to the fact that the lymph nodes grew so rapidly.  He is having a little trouble breathing and swallowing since the lymph nodes are on either side of his trachea.  The results from the lab tests on Tuesday were inconclusive because they didn't take much fluid out.  So, they took more cells and more fluid today and we should have those test results in three to four days.  I've been praying and have asked all my prayer warrior friends to also pray for him.  Chemo treatment would not cure the lymphoma, it would only prolong his life for a few months.  So, right now we play the waiting game again for the test results.  If you are reading this post, please say a prayer for my boy.  I'm so worried about him.  I just don't know if I'm ready to say good-bye to him quite yet.  But, I trust either heal him or take is all in His hands now.  And, to my friends that are already praying for him...thank you from my heart.  And, thank you to Dr. Spears and Dr. Schell at Banfield for taking such wonderful care of Sundance.  And, to the staff there also...your caring for Sundance AND for me today was needed and appreciated.  I'll post his condition and our care plan as soon as we know what we're facing.


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