Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our House

There was a LOT of activity at the new house last week!  Kitchen cabinets are up, entire house has been painted, trim work is done inside, tile has been laid in "wet" areas, shelves are up in linen closet, all bedroom closets, pantry and the little storage area off the laundry room, and all the doors are up.  There was some confusion regarding a window in the hall bathroom and another window in the master bedroom...framing showed where windows were supposed to be; however, when the siding went up...those two windows were covered up!!  So, meetings were held and they will have someone come out and retrofit the two missing windows.  One of the reasons we love this floorplan was because of the many windows!!  The missing windows were a non-negotiable item for me!!  Also, when I went in last Friday and took pictures, I noticed that there was tile laid down in our entryway.  BIG mistake!!  Our entryway, hallway to living room, living room and dining room is laminate wood flooring.  So, Brother Sacker sent the picture to Nick (we sure do appreciate Nick!!) recalling our conversation about the entryway and Nick called and, the tile in the entryway is being pulled up next week!  This was another non-negotiable item for me!!  So...enjoy the pictures!  Oh, and the stone work should be going up this coming week also.  And, that garage door?  Not actually the door we ordered, but they needed a garage door put up to prevent theft of materials in the house. 

Kitchen cabinets. Some of the countertops are in place
Taken from the living room, looking into the kitchen.  Those
large windows are in our dining room.
Our entryway where the tiles are NOT suppose
to be!!  Removal next week!  To the left, is my
office/craftroom door.  To the right, is our dining room.
The mirrors in both bathrooms are framed out and painted to
match the cabinets.  I had to talk them into doing this for us!!
Taken from our living room. 
The hall bathroom is to the right of the guestroom window.  I
should be posting a picture soon of the window put back in!
Our master bedroom is on the right.  There should be two
windows there, not just one.  I'll be posting a picture soon
of that window put back in, also!
Our pantry, with some of the tile laid in the kitchen.  That
door to the right actually goes into the garage.
See that big pile of rocks in boxes?  Those are for the front of
our beautiful house!
Tile around the soaking tub in the master bathroom.
Valentino seems right at home already!


  1. It won't be long now!!! Looks good!!

  2. I am supposed to go out to our new house every day, just to make sure everything is going where it is should be put! Let me know when you want to go out there with me! We can decide where our chairs are going on the back patio...can't wait to sit back there, drink our iced teas, watch Valentino play and just chat about the myriad things we find to chat about!